Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Mistaken Identity II

He told me to hold on,
He tells me to let go...

He created a bridge,
He creates a barrier....

He waited with me for next life,
He loosens his reigns on me....

He struggled with pain,
He makes me insane...

He looked  into my eyes,
He gazes into the distant.....

He was an open book,
He is a secret diary....

He cupped my face with love,
He stays away from me....

Was it truly love?
Or was I too in love
with love??


  1. he loves you like crazy
    where reason seems hazy.

    he will not wait for you till the next life
    make you his one and only loving wife.

    I know i suck at poetry
    yet i will continue to surprise you with such effrontery.

  2. haha...hehehe
    anir,you are quite a poet
    though a little novice;))

  3. well mam, you are kind enough to label my pathetic attempt as novice....never got bitten by the poetry bug, though love to read one :)

  4. great mam...just great...!!! what a fickle minded lover is this guy...!!!

  5. being fickle minded is also such a constant quality...

  6. loved the poem.. beautifully written but why only he is at the decisive end... what about you and your emotions.. dont they matter?

  7. its gr88 that you loved the poem zoya...this life has a cyclic quality to it,some people love you more than you love them and there are are some whom you love can't really balance out...cause if it would then this would be a perfect world...

  8. i really like the way every two lines conflict...

  9. awwww mam u r a real ur poetry especially these kinds...its so cute...loved the last two lines....