Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An emptiness

It's that kind of night again..
It's raining outside
and I'm alone in this foreign land,
looking out through the high sky scrapers.

The misted windows peep
 through my misted
 hazy face,
showing me a crystal clear image's hers
- a face from the past bangs on the present
  transported through the seven seas,
 a face  lights up my dark nights,
a face  smiles ,
a face that was mine ..

Yet , I think I  lost it years ago...
that face resembled the one I see. 
 It  doesn't doesn't lie,
it quizzes me about my
 erratic, unsure behavior...
It questions me..angrily seems upset at my distant ways..
but it doesn't touch me..for I'm changed..
I rub my hands to grasp it,
just for the last time
 but it disappears as the rain cries...

All I can see now , are the city lights
 down below and 
an emptiness within...