Saturday, 13 June 2015

My clash with a new genre..

My son was after my life,
to write a poem for him.
When I asked him the subject
It created a rife.

He gave me a laptop,
He gave a bey blade
He gave me a topic
of nothing which I made.

He planned I write of 'clash of clans'
But it screwed my empty head.
It went all down in the drain,
And made me half dead.

I never knew that it was a game, 
I thought it was a stance . 
This clash of clans was a stupid thing, 
And I was taking a chance. 

I  felt like an angry bird,
with my bits and pieces swirling around.
But,it was the charmander on the T.V. , 
who was making the nasty sound. 

I fought like the ashen Ash 
With the pokemon,
By this time my patience, 
had fused my brain gone. 

A sudden stark realization
occured, then, to me.
It is only this generation
Who can be gadget friendly!!!

Friday, 12 June 2015



It's the tale of yesterday
It's the story of today
I started out alone , perhaps,
But I have him with me today..

I dozed on his shoulder again,
He slept in my arms.
He made me feel weak in the knees,
I made him strong yet calmed. 

Lilac was the sky, splendid,
the sunrise new, the gleam old
This is his love story ,
and mine retold.