Friday, 28 October 2011


Aaj kuchch hum bhi udaas hain
aur kuchch tum bhi ho gamgeen
lekin yeh ehsaas bhi hai
ki jahan bhi ho ,mere saathi ,
 wahan pahuch hi jaati hai
meri thodi si

utha kar tumhe neend se
jagati to hogi ,
yeh dastak tumhe kuchch
batati to hogi,
hila kar mere ek dupatte ka kona,
hawa si woh tumhe
sahlati to hogi..

phir yaad aata to hoga,
tumhe woh pehla pyaar,
woh bachpan ki yaadein,
woh zara sa ikraar..

kabhi jaate hue,
jo mud ke dekhte the tum.
to main bhi wahin
 thi parde ke peechche
chupi gumsum.
tumhaara woh peechche mudna
woh mujhe doondhna
aata to hoga kabhi yaad.
or bas ek baar woh aakhiri jhalak ka
rehta tha dono ko intezaar.
Batati ho hogi woh dastak tumhe
mere dil ka yeh bechain haal.

kai saal guzare
kai sadiyan gayi
saath chhoota bhi
par nahi bhi .
yeh kaisi hai dastak aaj phir se dil main
ki aaina maine dekha
or nazar aaye tum hi..

Monday, 17 October 2011

main kaun hoon

मैं क्या हूँ  
क्या नहीं
मैं कौन हूँ
कौन नहीं
यह पता नहीं
यह पता नहीं

मुझे किस दिशा
की तलाश थी
यह पता था
मुझे सदियों से
पर अब यह मुझे
क्या हो रहा
की दिशा का
मुझे पता नहीं

प्यार था
या यह प्यार है
या दोनों ही है सच
पर मैं तो मैं ही थी
हमेशा से
अब 'मैं' का मुझे पता नहीं

यह आज कैसी चली आंधी
की उड़ा ले चली मेरे वजूद को
वह मेरे मैं को ले उड़ी
अब क्या बचा है
यह पता नहीं

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

we were meant to be together: The flower girl

we were meant to be together: The flower girl: Sitting in the air-conditioned car , I saw her running towards me barefeet. Her small ,frail face lighting up to see the red light . Tra...

The flower girl

Sitting in the air-conditioned car ,
I saw her running towards me barefeet.
Her small ,frail face lighting up
to see the red light .
Traffic rushing around
like a menacing mad rush
(as vivid as a crime scene
in an English movie).
Jumping the railing,
pushing her competitor
tiny hands holding a horde of flowers
-some as fresh as the morning dew  ;
-some stale, crushed,crumpled
as an old love letter.
She brushed against the
window glass,her dirty
hands so evident against
the fresh paint of the car:
"Memsahib,phool lelo na"
She was a flower girl
living a thorny life.
So young,So beautiful,
Yet unblossomed and
undesired by anyone.
The redlight turned green,
her image thinning
into an apparition ; 
distant and bleak,
making me
 ponder over
my blessed
 childhood !!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

The soul connection

The distance
between us
is just a fallacy ,
just peep in
your heart
and there
I belong .

This loneliness
that bites
you like a sting
of a scorpion
is the pain
that I go
without you .

This busy time
is just a
way of life .
Look beyond
it and
you'll find
us connected .

No words needed ,
No touch required .
All we need
is a soul connection
to be with
each other
and ever.

So,hark my love
the music within .
Don't get lost
in the noises
that separate us .
There you'll find
the melody of love .
That is where
the real peace is!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

She was lovely ,
plain beautiful .
Her smile could
melt a million hearts.
 Hid behind her
coy ,timid ,elusive
persona  ,her
real self.
She spoke her mind
when she intended to .
She didn't bother
much about
other's opinion .
She did what
 she thought was right .
She wasn't wary of
the painful repercussions .
She took a lesson from the
  irresistible problems.
She was what she was.

She was the bold
and the beautiful .