Friday, 15 June 2012


A phone call,
 A bbm ,
A text message ,
An fb chat ,
So many possible ways to be connected
in the microcosmic electronic world!!

I am  just a  micro second away from you
Even then 
why is it that 
you keep me waiting?
Is it your
 sadist temperament
to  my needs?? 

I wonder 
I sleep waiting
 for an answer
which I know
 I will never get.

Friday, 8 June 2012

A prayer for my son

I want you not to be a rich man with a big, expensive, flashy car.
I want you not to be a Casanova , stealing the hearts of innocent girls and bring tears in their eyes.
I want you not to sit idle and still love your leisure time and use it correctly.
I want you not to judge people and comment on their decisions,whether right or wrong.
I want you not to look and appreciate man-made architectural pieces and ignore God's creation.
I want you not to be rude and nasty to people who even mean  nothing to you.

I want you to build a great character than do a whamming gym-session to muscle you up.
I want you to be loved for your smile rather than your lovely visage.
I want you to be true to yourself and answer the questions asked by your conscience honestly .
I want you to be respected and valued for the warmth and love that you do possess.
I want all the world for you my little son,
But more than that I want you to understand who and what means the world to you.

This is a prayer for you ,my son on your third birthday,
You are too little to understand it right now,but one day hopefully you will.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

An Original Life

Today is what I have.

Let me fail.

Let me falter.

Let me go waste.

Today is what I have.

Atleast tomorrow,

when I look into the mirror,

I will clearly say-

Yes I did live !

As a  fake note ,

in fake hands ,

with people just

using me

for their benefit ;

I still lived-

an original life

-my life !!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Memories bitter sweet

Carefully treading the busy red light with you beside me, holding my hand,
Manoeuvring the snake like road in a way that only a snake charmer knows,
Sitting tight –fisted, the fear of falling  from your newly acquired bike,
Moving my hands on your back  when you were  writhing in pain,
Arguing over the least important issue and still get pampered,
Innumerable red roses that you got for me on my birthdays,
The fight that ensues when you watch the car and bike show ignoring me,
The plain , simple rustic attempts to make me forget all my pains ,
The heated discussion of the family budget each month end  ,
The look on your face when you see me talk about someone else,
The threat of leaving each other that both of us give and then forget  ,
The kind and loving protection of your arm around my waist,
The attempt to steal  time with each other despite busy parenthood,
The subtle knowledge of each other’s need without any conversation ,
Are the memories bitter sweet  that I’ll cherish forever, my love!!