Sunday, 6 November 2011

She and I

We would sing the same songs .
We would dance to the same music .
We would listen to the same stories.
We would laugh at the same jokes.
yet she was different..
..she was she
and I was I.
She was  quiet and sensitive.
I was  bold and  fun.
She was an obedient daughter ,
I always had questions.
She worked hard to make her parents proud.
I always did what I thought was right.
I faced many toubles in  my life
I had to undergo struggle and strife.
She was married off to the right man
then why could he never understand
the way she was and what she liked
she also went through a real tough life
she got no love
she got no peace
she just tried
to join a piece to piece.
She tried to give me a fake smile.
But I can see her soul inside
that weeps and cries all this while
when she meets me now
once in awhile .
I wish her joy,
I wish her strength .
I hope she gets
a real compliment
from the man whom
she admires and loves ;
who gives her silence
and a shoulder cold.
If she were a little bold
She could fight her way
and get a hold.

She was the right one
in everyone's lays..
I wish she lives
like the good, old days.