Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Let's move on..

Let's move on
and look for  newer horizons
over the dark, gloomy clouds.

Let's move on
and prance like a baby impala
just learning to walk for the first time.

Let's move on
and brush the firmament with rosy hues
killing the dark grey in our lives.

Let's move on
and create a niche' of our own
forcing the sturdy walls of egos to crumble down.

Let's move on
and plant a seed of happy hope
in place of the junkyard of tense emotions.

Let's move on
and write a new,unread parable
denouncing the cliche'd tales of love.

Let's move on
for a free life where both of us
chase our individual dreams; still clinging to each other in love.

1 comment:

  1. Walk till the world start following you
    Walk till the Sky embrace you
    Walk till you get over with all the fears
    Walk till you get the shoulder for your tears

    Walk till you get away from painful emotions
    Walk till you create your own ocean

    Walk till the darkness deminishes
    Walk till you see flying kisses

    Walk as if you are the king of this world
    Walk to bend all the vain heads with your Sword

    I wish, this walk will take you to a different world!!