Tuesday, 1 November 2011


I saw him looking in my eyes
with questions innumerable
He wanted the answers
but I had none.
..yes,there was love
..there was warmth
..there was peace
I had never seen him
so content
so quiet yet
so lonesome..
I asked only one question
but to myself-
Is he now tied up with
his  perception of himself ?
...a fighter
...a crusader
...a real man
who tried best to protect ,
to nourish
the bond he created out
of a need to fulfil his own
narcissistic image:
but destroyed another he had
nurtured for long.

Did he truly love her
or is he  just fighting his

No one can tell ..
But I can always see
his soul bare
his loneliness to me.
Walking with clasped hands
with she drooling over him;
he looks around to
find me.
Alas!! He can't get me back..
never..never again..
as now it's me 
who loves to be


  1. beautifully written mam.... love speaks loudly in silence only :)