Thursday, 27 June 2013

Keep The Faith

Is this real?
Is this a new beginning?
Is this paradise?
Is this the doom of my sorrow?

I feel wings new sprouting 
I feel the painful pleasure of their birth
I would soar like a sky lark 
I would fly near the sun

I fear the wings are not waxen
I fear I may not fall like Icarus
and end up a heap of dust..

All I need is your love. 
All I need is your strength.
All I need is your patience.
All I need is you that is me...

All I need is to keep the faith in me..

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

For The love of rain

The twittering bird-like raindrops,
the daisy faces drenched pigeons
huddling inside themselves,
with the music of love-songs
in my ear,
i stand alone sipping
on a cup of coffee..
i reminisce our first meeting,
in rain.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The residue of love

The residue of love
bubbles inside me, 
like an acid
it wants to peel off my face
 the way it burnt my soul.

The residue 
 of hope and faith
pushes me like an old porter 
carrying a heavy baggage of emotions,
hoping to reach somewhere.

The residue has forgotten
how bereft of love he is.. waits endlessly for a change.

I know..You know, 
nothing will come out of it..
 for the love which blossomed..
is just a residue-
a dirty stinking litter- bin of love that was.