Thursday, 1 September 2011

In pursuit of happiness....

Somewhere lost in a mist,
Searching in bewildering darkness
for that sacred path that me to heaven carries;
Saddened by loneliness,exhausted by effort futile
Still searching for that Heavenward track.

My companions who once loved me
engrossed in their selfish worlds
take their leave..
Stuck alone,I too want to flee..
But,wait a moment!
After all ,this is my life!
How can I run like a coward?

I begin again:fresh,anew
A search for Supreme degree
for that same Heavenward track..
this time alone..
Or wait a moment...
I see someone walking beside me..


  1. Hey mam! I catch up with you after so long, and that too with teh one of the most beautiful creations ever:POETRY! :) I simply loved your poem, the essence of life, that there is always a ray of hope , no matter whatever dark road you get stuck in. and what better than a soulmate to lend a helping hand! Beautifully captured Mam.:) Dont leave your pen! hope to be in touch! :)

    P.S. and suddenly after writing this, I realised if I got it right or not. ;)

  2. thanks a ton yashika...keep following...i hope to write what i love the most..poetry...

  3. cheers di!loved your creations!reminds me of yester years when I used to have this treasured dairy in which I had jotted down some 35-40 odd pieces of poetry..It used to be so enriching and therapeutic!!!!

    I am so happy that you have been able to takeout the time to do what you love..just be consistent and let your creativity flow:-)..I will be closely following and cheering :-)

  4. thanks minu so much,,,people like you are the ones behind this dare that i'm u for ur support...

  5. very beautifully expressed.. no words can define the essence of these lines..

  6. nice one mam...u should really make a collection of ur poems and convert it into a book....

  7. smone hurts and create a vaccum only to gv space to another one who shll heal..

  8. Most definitely zoya...I completely agree....

  9. BEAUTIFULLY Expressed.......Harsh Truth of LIFE........
    Too good :).