Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The azure blue sky calls me to Heaven.
The fiery dusty Earth seeps me into Hell.
Angels ,cherubs hover around my head.
Serpents,demons cling to my feet.
"Homo fuge" *-I read in my mind.

Whither should I fly O God?
Whither should I fly?

*Homo fuge is a latin phrase meaning 'Fly O Man' used in Dr.Faustus.


  1. This is a very old poem of mine..some 14 years back...I hope you like it and understand the dilemma..

  2. nice it is. last 2 lines particularly give a very strong effect. ma'm btw do u write prose like short stories etc too?

  3. thanks aditi...i'm more of apoetry person..but one dat i'll surely try my hand at prose as well.

  4. 14 years back!kudos!u r meant 2 write poetry..

  5. a perfect dilemma...an endless sky above displaying endless heaven i.e. endless happiness , whereas the restricted earth below with gravity...that bounds us to make hell out of our lives [at the moment of obstacles in life]
    ...and in the last two lines...a choice to be made to chose either of them...
    nice write! :)