Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Mistaken Identity

He smiled at me ,
He turned his face .
He waved a hello ,
He ignored my presence .
He called me his alter ego ,
He brushed aside any thought of me .
He wrote a poem for me ,
He tore my heart to pieces .
He ran to my rescue  ,
He gave me pain .
He cried on my shoulder ,
He made me cry alone .
He carried me in his soul ,
He shattered my heart  .
He belonged to me ,
He's left me on my own .

I wonder whether I knew him
Or I was lost in the
mistaken identity
I created in my mind.....


  1. maim you write such realistic poems that they always connect to some memories .......and this one is one of them :)

  2. Are there two persons being talked about or two sides of the same person?? I liked the pairing of opposite behaviors in each line. Is it related to some real person? ;)

  3. ohhhh god they are just beautifulll
    amazingly amazing :):):)

  4. @ankul..its about a twin personality..or you can say how people far as ur other question is..I would rather tell you its abit of reality n a bit of fantasy..that's where a poet's world hangs..n chetali n harshil thx for liking:))

  5. dis iz very gud mam..i didnt know dat u also have de talent of writing poems..:)

  6. such amazing flow of thoughts ! it definitely takes the reader through a flow of emotions too ! very beautifully expressed :)

  7. the man wants to gv you pain and pleasure!