Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Broken Bangle

Round and curvaceous,
with vaccuum within,
I instil beauty to a woman.
As round as a cipher,
As fragile as a relationship,
I'm a man's clinking heartbeat.
When I'm with my friends,
I resound with happiness,
When lonely,I break into
shattering silence.
I carry no feelings
Only remorse...
That I can't go on living forever.
Being a broken bangle
I end up in a dustful heap!!


  1. "When I'm with my friends,
    I resound with happiness"
    what beautiful lines ...seriously hats off to your imagination and your thinking !!

  2. Amazing mam ,,,, gud one !!!!!!!!

    Via iPhone

  3. I have a question..if the bangle doesn have any feeling..why does it feel remorse..??
    It would feel that only if it has other feeling preceding this feeling..coz it hates the fact that it can't live forever has remorse ...!!
    But its as excellent as ever...such rich use of vocab..:)

  4. @sahil : bangles don't carry the feeling of love, hate prejudice only remorse which shows its selflessness and unconditional companionship... @smita mam : very well written ma'am.....bangs are a favorite of the bongs....

  5. thanks anirban for answering that question on my behaf...probably I would'nt have been able to justify it that well...sahil..I hope u got ur answer...."I carry no feelings....only remorse..."

  6. mam i just love simply u expressed such deep thoughts in a poem.....overwhelming...

  7. but ain't remorse a feeling too ??

  8. Yes it is...infact the contrast in the bangle's character was deliberatly created...I clink with happiness...happiness also is afeeling...the bangle hangs between the 'feeling' and the 'unfeeling'