Monday, 5 September 2011

love is timeless

Love is timeless.
It can't be caught and compressed
in an air -tight compartment
as olives in a sealed jar.

Love is timeless.
Though you die a hundred deaths,
it still finds its love
hidden inside the caves of time.

Love is timeless.
It carries with it
the intoxicating fragrance of
two balmy bodies entwined together.

Love is timeless.
It brushes aside old, rotten memories
to smoothly bring forth
the fresh faith of fidelity.

love is timeless.
It resounds in every ear
like the unforgettable,hummable
lyrics of a favourite song.

Love is timeless.
It seeps through
senile,older generation to the next ,younger one;
as drops of water leak from a loose tap.

Love is timeless.
It rushes through a river of nerves;
unhooked by emotions
running high in the mind.

Love is timeless.
Love is eternal.
Love goes on forever.
It works itself like a big bang;
-ever booming
-ever spreading
-ever enriching
the mundane ,monotonous life!!


  1. there couldn't be lines sweeter that these !

  2. So true still it's difficult for someone to understand the depth of it :)

  3. thanks charu n vaibhav...but whoever writes can understand..:)

  4. very niice..but i did not nderstand 7th paragraph

  5. wow ....mam ...i never knew you indeed such a nice ...poet ...:).....its really nice should do it more often ..:)

  6. aditi talks of the forceful passionate love not able to be stopped by the logical still flows in our nerves even though we try to control it through our minds...i hope now its clear..:)

  7. thanks siddhant ...hope u'll follow it..

  8. very sweet is brushes aside the old n rotten memories....