Friday, 30 September 2011


Tonight when I'll look upto the sky ,
I'll see you your face looking down at me with love.
You'll be the twinkling stars shining in my darkness.
You'll be the cool wind breezing through my soul .
You'll be the vast expanse of darkness enveloping me into your arms .
You'll be the winged cricket playing  music in my ears .
You'll be the sound of the flute coming from a distance .
You'll be the melody that my heart longs to listen .
You'll be the moon that shines on my forehead .
I'll wait alone .
I'll still be there with you .

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

For the memory of a moment

Carressing touch of a lost soul ,
to another of a kind ;
brought back the memories
of the sweet old times.

Tortured with the thoughts
of the past that was ;
I relive the memories:
The Tramway Car

It was there that I saw him ,
quite an introvert was he ,
face reading the earth ,
eyes searching for me.

I opened my life to him
chapter by chapter ,
unfolding the mysteries
but not on any paper.

He had the guts ,
he had the charm ,
he shared every dream through his eyes ,
and made me calm .

Even as I left the train ,
my eyes were on him ;
Oblivious to the light
I just loved the dim .

It was the dusk hour
and he followed me ;
Shyly glancing,smiling
towards me.

When I reached a corner
he suddenly disappeared .
I took a turn ,
and forward steered.

I looked around ,
but in vain .
He was nowhere
....I was in pain .

I consoled myself ,
my body trembling  ;
in despair dismal
my evening ended .

I still take that
5'O Clock train ;
to relive the memories
that are insanely sane .

Monday, 26 September 2011

we were meant to be together: The witness

we were meant to be together: The witness: Walking down the steet , I saw 'them' drooling in love , holding hands , speaking words of silence to each other , smelling the first fr...

The witness

Walking down the steet ,
I saw 'them' drooling in love ,
holding hands ,
speaking words of silence to each other ,
smelling the first fragrance of love ,
whispering in the hazy twilight
bathing in the summer rain ,
waiting eagerly for each other ,
smiling from a distance-
 heaving a sigh of relief ,
to see the drunken lost eyes
that were so much in love.

I now behold
'him' and 'her'
shrieking,yelling at each other :
the ugly side of love ,
no words can heal the wounds
they give to each other ,
both right,both wrong ,
none ready to admit ,though  ;
they get a sadistic
pleasure in hurting ,harming
what they had so well nurtured-
the house they called a home...

Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Mistaken Identity II

He told me to hold on,
He tells me to let go...

He created a bridge,
He creates a barrier....

He waited with me for next life,
He loosens his reigns on me....

He struggled with pain,
He makes me insane...

He looked  into my eyes,
He gazes into the distant.....

He was an open book,
He is a secret diary....

He cupped my face with love,
He stays away from me....

Was it truly love?
Or was I too in love
with love??

Friday, 23 September 2011


I need to go East
I need to go West
I need to go South
I need to go North
I don't have a home...
I am a wanderer .

I carry the fragrance of Indian masalas ,
I am the history of Egyptian treasures ,
I fight a battle of a Roman Gladiator ,
I undertake an oddessey to the far off  Greece .
I am a wanderer .

I lounge on the praieries ,
I party in Las Vegas ,
I hide in the African jungles ,
I smell the Ghana coffee ,
I am a wanderer .

I scour the Himalayas ,
I peep into the Pacific ,
I tread on the London Bridge ,
I sleep in the Venecian gandolas ,
I am a wanderer .

I take refuge
I find peace
I beget solace
I live on the edge of life and death
I am a wanderer .

Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Mistaken Identity

He smiled at me ,
He turned his face .
He waved a hello ,
He ignored my presence .
He called me his alter ego ,
He brushed aside any thought of me .
He wrote a poem for me ,
He tore my heart to pieces .
He ran to my rescue  ,
He gave me pain .
He cried on my shoulder ,
He made me cry alone .
He carried me in his soul ,
He shattered my heart  .
He belonged to me ,
He's left me on my own .

I wonder whether I knew him
Or I was lost in the
mistaken identity
I created in my mind.....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Mona Lisa

The pretty girl
 in the painting ,
so beautiful ,
so obscure ,
speaking of
innocent love .
Smiling ,
laughing  ,
 her eyes.
Little does
she realize
her future
may be
obliterated ,
erased ,
tarnished ,
 sooty , black hands
 dirty destiny.
The real reason
for her
 everlasting mood
is not
 the painter's will;
but her own fate.
She feels
stuffy ,
ornamental ,
decorated ,
(like a necktie
on an English Clerk) .
She rambles
to herself
about the
that she creates
despite herself.
-an obscure
evident smile
always lingers
on her face.
That's how
she lives
at herself
Mona Lisa.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Broken Bangle

Round and curvaceous,
with vaccuum within,
I instil beauty to a woman.
As round as a cipher,
As fragile as a relationship,
I'm a man's clinking heartbeat.
When I'm with my friends,
I resound with happiness,
When lonely,I break into
shattering silence.
I carry no feelings
Only remorse...
That I can't go on living forever.
Being a broken bangle
I end up in a dustful heap!!

Friday, 16 September 2011


Touch of the breeze ,
Zephyr at its best ,
dark ,gloomy sky
opens a new world .

The heat is past ,
sweating trauma vanished.

There pours a cloud  his heart ,
drenching me with
unknown ecstasy
unexplored emotions
in unison with
the music within me !!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

All and Nothing

Crisp,subtle,formal conversation
gives me no elation ,
makes me nostalgic of all I had
and nothing I'm left with.

You say ,I do have a life but  each morning I get up
like an unfeeling ,steel machine
and start my day rambling,rumbling
 of all  I had
and the nothing  I'm left with.

I say,you do have a life,you've moved on
like a  renewed, regenerated leaf
in spring and walk ahead to your
newly discovered havens of peace.
I know,you hardly think of
the good times we shared,
the primises made and broken,
the love's labour lost ;
but all I ramble to myself
is all I had and the  nothing
I'm left with.

All that residue of shattered
love songs pricks me like
a broken mirror where I
see myself in pieces
and you intact.
What remains
other than the
'all and nothing'
is crisp ,subtle,formal conversation
which gives me no elation.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mysterious Eyes

Twinkling stars in the darkness,
his eyes are mysterious
Oft they look zestful ,
but sometimes they are serious.

Colour of the matted deserts
display sorrowful constraint ,
where his soul trembles woefully
but mind forgoes restraint.

Offering passion if discovered
through woods and vastness wild ;
these two beautiful passages
conceal a dreaming child.

Monday, 12 September 2011

'For you"


It's so difficult to understand ,
Though we never walked hand in hand ,
It's like a dream come true .
for me and perhaps you!

We were in search for something .
Our souls wandering through the wide wild world .
Till they met,hung in the air and united into a being.
One soul,one voice,unperturbed and clear.
I think that's what they call love my dear.
Love that doesn't ask,love that doesn't want .
Love that 's pure and pristine .
Love that's not binding -only liberating.

So...come ,my dear,let's set each other free.
And what's in store for us,let us see...
Let's flow with fate,dance to the music of destiny.
May be someday,somewhere we'll find each other's company....

P.S.:I would really wait for such a time.....

Thursday, 8 September 2011


A token of love
however small or miniscule
is still the world to me.
You don't require permission
to gift me with your gift of love.
It's God's decree that
you love me unconditionally,
and support me -
holding in your arms
when I fall,

Or why the hell did we meet
at life's crossroads??

So don't ask for my opinion
don't look for any answers
Just love me the way
I do and gift me your love forever.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The azure blue sky calls me to Heaven.
The fiery dusty Earth seeps me into Hell.
Angels ,cherubs hover around my head.
Serpents,demons cling to my feet.
"Homo fuge" *-I read in my mind.

Whither should I fly O God?
Whither should I fly?

*Homo fuge is a latin phrase meaning 'Fly O Man' used in Dr.Faustus.

Monday, 5 September 2011

love is timeless

Love is timeless.
It can't be caught and compressed
in an air -tight compartment
as olives in a sealed jar.

Love is timeless.
Though you die a hundred deaths,
it still finds its love
hidden inside the caves of time.

Love is timeless.
It carries with it
the intoxicating fragrance of
two balmy bodies entwined together.

Love is timeless.
It brushes aside old, rotten memories
to smoothly bring forth
the fresh faith of fidelity.

love is timeless.
It resounds in every ear
like the unforgettable,hummable
lyrics of a favourite song.

Love is timeless.
It seeps through
senile,older generation to the next ,younger one;
as drops of water leak from a loose tap.

Love is timeless.
It rushes through a river of nerves;
unhooked by emotions
running high in the mind.

Love is timeless.
Love is eternal.
Love goes on forever.
It works itself like a big bang;
-ever booming
-ever spreading
-ever enriching
the mundane ,monotonous life!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011


It seems it's been ages
Since we really talked
A quirky,fake smile on my face
astonishes the real me;
jolts me into thinking
what has come of me..
there were times and times so good
when hours would seem like seconds
and no words would stop.
They would flow into
an emotional stream with
you and me
gladly floating over it
like a beautiful flower on a brook.

Alas!the brook has merged into an ocean
so vast that now we are floating away
like two separated flowers put in
different bunches for decoration.

The distance in your eyes
the quiet within
speaks nothing but silence
a void.
My shore can never meet yours
our destinations changed...
its so evident
so painful
it really hurts!!

Friday, 2 September 2011

She's so fortunate....

I don't think of what she has
Yet I think she's so fortunate
to have you with her...

I don't think she's been loved as me
Yet I think she's so fortunate
to have you got completely.....

I don't think she'll ever understand you
Yet I think she's so fortunate
that you understand her well.....

I don't think she'll be loved forever
Yet I think she's so fortunate
that she's loved for the moment........

I don't think she cares for what I go through everyday
Yet I think she's so fortunate
that you are there to tell her-
I don't matter to you...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

In pursuit of happiness....

Somewhere lost in a mist,
Searching in bewildering darkness
for that sacred path that me to heaven carries;
Saddened by loneliness,exhausted by effort futile
Still searching for that Heavenward track.

My companions who once loved me
engrossed in their selfish worlds
take their leave..
Stuck alone,I too want to flee..
But,wait a moment!
After all ,this is my life!
How can I run like a coward?

I begin again:fresh,anew
A search for Supreme degree
for that same Heavenward track..
this time alone..
Or wait a moment...
I see someone walking beside me..