Saturday, 24 September 2016

My sword

The Night has dawned
The Day has set
I hear your buzzing voice
In the drumming of crickets.
The  moody moon like an imposter,
Playing hide and seek
With the clouds;
Is yelling your name
In my ears.
I bring out
a moment from
the faint frail memory
And I give it a name-
My sword, my knight.

The trees darkened
by the shadows speak
nothing but a strange
the fight -within and without me.
Let me walk
on the cutting edge
of the sword
and see-
Is the knight
an armour
 or I need an armour against him!!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Sleepless night

Why did you do this?
I'm sure I find no reason
Other than the decrepit descent of your thoughts..
Or was it love presenting a new welcome
On the carcass of my soul?

Whatever it was-it hurts-
The pain boils
The eyes swollen
The mind unrest

And there you probably sleep in  her arms
While I loom at our lost future and the sleeping innocent kids!

Friday, 27 May 2016

A story of lies!

You say something else
but the  half burnt
cigarette butts,
the half filled beer glasses,
the finished vodka bottle
tell a different story!!

You say something else
but your eyes that
dont meet
me in the eye
the cold hand that holds
my fingers with  no warmth
tell a different story!!

You say something else
but the hidden carcasses
of deeply secured love
come out alive and walk dead
They tell a different story..

The story of a fresh start
somewhere else.
The story of long
forgotten promises
The story of a beginning
 of a new story
of someone's win
and my loss!!
A story of lies
strewn across
my floor!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Denmark here I come!

Denmark here I come
With a cool sea breeze on my face,
Like the touch of a soft loving hand .
green pastures around,
apple and cherry trees
with blossoms so beautiful
The carefree cheerful faces
Of people all around
The Danish boys and girls
Full of vivacious laughter
The ocean on the sides
The beautiful curvy rides

Denmark here I go
With memories in my heart
Of feelings just the same
The loving warmth of all
I know for sure now
That world is just a name
It’s one big family
Where all feel alike
All feel the same happiness
All feel the pain
All desire love
All desire care
 So Demark I promise to you
That one day I’ll be back
With probably an old face
But the same feeling of love

The gift from all of you

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Is this love?

The  imaginary first kiss
 like the cool
 breeze on the beach,
weaving my wavy hair
 into your hands
that cup my face.
Is this love?

The loving warmth
 of your touch,
the love-lorn look
in your dark dreamy eyes,
give away the secret
 that you cant keep.
Is this love?

The night drains
us both into
the dreams of
intimate togetherness,
the painting of  our new life
-a masterpiece!!

Is this love?
Is this love?

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Aadhe -adhure

कुछ रात है
 आधी आधी
कुछ बातें मेरी
आधी-अधूरी सी

चाँद भी निकला है
तफरी पर
अपने घर से
मिलने शायद
 अपनी किसी और
 चांदनी को

फिर  मेरा चाँद मुझसे यूँ दूर क्यों  है ?
फिर मेरा दिल  यूँ मजबूर क्यों  है?

फिर होगी सुबह
जब चढ़ेगा सूरज
तब  चाँद आएगा
लौट के अपने घर को
खोलूंगी दरवाज़ा फिर
उसकी ही दस्तक पर
फिर होगी  मेरी रात पूरी
फिर होगी  पूरी  मेरी सुबह भी
 रात और  दिन का कोई ठिकाना न होगा !
चाँद के पास फिर कोई बहाना  न होगा !