Sunday, 4 September 2011


It seems it's been ages
Since we really talked
A quirky,fake smile on my face
astonishes the real me;
jolts me into thinking
what has come of me..
there were times and times so good
when hours would seem like seconds
and no words would stop.
They would flow into
an emotional stream with
you and me
gladly floating over it
like a beautiful flower on a brook.

Alas!the brook has merged into an ocean
so vast that now we are floating away
like two separated flowers put in
different bunches for decoration.

The distance in your eyes
the quiet within
speaks nothing but silence
a void.
My shore can never meet yours
our destinations changed...
its so evident
so painful
it really hurts!!


  1. Awesomely written ! Because you are creatively Awesome ! :D

  2. I can so well feel how it is to carry that fake smile and saddening silence. If only the lines will go on expressing how to overcome that pain!
    These lines have already been saved mam :)
    Adored them to the core!

  3. painful...pinching...can completely relate to it. love this one <3...left me with no words..

  4. touching...painful...truth...n same tragedy wid me...tears in my eyes

  5. It shall be a song...... The feeling is great!!

    1. thanks shreyansh for thinking it to be a song-like composition...