Thursday, 15 September 2011

All and Nothing

Crisp,subtle,formal conversation
gives me no elation ,
makes me nostalgic of all I had
and nothing I'm left with.

You say ,I do have a life but  each morning I get up
like an unfeeling ,steel machine
and start my day rambling,rumbling
 of all  I had
and the nothing  I'm left with.

I say,you do have a life,you've moved on
like a  renewed, regenerated leaf
in spring and walk ahead to your
newly discovered havens of peace.
I know,you hardly think of
the good times we shared,
the primises made and broken,
the love's labour lost ;
but all I ramble to myself
is all I had and the  nothing
I'm left with.

All that residue of shattered
love songs pricks me like
a broken mirror where I
see myself in pieces
and you intact.
What remains
other than the
'all and nothing'
is crisp ,subtle,formal conversation
which gives me no elation.


  1. nicely articulated but the fact is that the feeling of sudden emptiness post a relationship is disturbing but in the long run, it gives an opportunity to rediscover oneself ....

  2. yes anir are absolutely mature n correct in your thinking....

  3. I can imagine here...say two friends who had a good relationship which turned sour due to certain turn of all that left is formal talks and one of the friends the speaker unable to move on and looks at the way how other has rediscovered himself.
    Very nicely written totally relates to life .

  4. Yes, are absolutely reght in your times we drift apart from very close people and there is nothing left other than fake ,hypocritical conversation bereft of real warmth...

  5. ma'am, here's something i cant hold back from sharing.. having experienced the same with a very dear friend of mine, we could reconnect, in fact stronger and better, and find each other at the same page of life again.. it was painful to read this poem, but it made me cherish all that i still have :)

  6. thanks charu for connecting with this one...I experience it or rather live it everyday...things do move on but there is a dead stillness in your heart.

  7. best it mam...n u know the reason too