Tuesday, 17 December 2013

love undying

I saw him in the glorious sunny days
I saw him in the cold damp nights
I saw him in the flowers he got
I saw him in the eyes that smiled
I saw him in his anger
I saw him in his jealousy

He is what I want
He is what I need
He is what should be
Between you and me

His acts are funny
His acts are sincere
He is the love undying
That is always there..

Saturday, 24 August 2013

It's just a matter of time

The wheel of  time
paces up to crush my soul
I'm down like a beaten boxer ,
fallen flat and helpless..
I fear I'll lose the game
I hear the tick- tock of  my heart 
 running against time
like a now or never game..
It's just a matter of time
that will  lose my time to time.....

I hear my opponent shriek and
 growl in my ear
his win imminent and certain...
I hear his footsteps coming
I feel  his breath near my shoulder,
I feel his cold hands on my throat 
I bleed..
I feel beaten...
 blue and black.
 It's just a matter of time
that will  lose my time to time.....

I feel a struggle inside me
I want to get up and fight again
I want to win
I want my time back..
I feel it was a fixed game
and  had to lose...
It's just a matter of time
that will  lose my time to time.....

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Keep The Faith

Is this real?
Is this a new beginning?
Is this paradise?
Is this the doom of my sorrow?

I feel wings new sprouting 
I feel the painful pleasure of their birth
I would soar like a sky lark 
I would fly near the sun

I fear the wings are not waxen
I fear I may not fall like Icarus
and end up a heap of dust..

All I need is your love. 
All I need is your strength.
All I need is your patience.
All I need is you that is me...

All I need is to keep the faith in me..

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

For The love of rain

The twittering bird-like raindrops,
the daisy faces drenched pigeons
huddling inside themselves,
with the music of love-songs
in my ear,
i stand alone sipping
on a cup of coffee..
i reminisce our first meeting,
in rain.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The residue of love

The residue of love
bubbles inside me, 
like an acid
it wants to peel off my face
 the way it burnt my soul.

The residue 
 of hope and faith
pushes me like an old porter 
carrying a heavy baggage of emotions,
hoping to reach somewhere.

The residue has forgotten
how bereft of love he is.. waits endlessly for a change.

I know..You know, 
nothing will come out of it..
 for the love which blossomed..
is just a residue-
a dirty stinking litter- bin of love that was.

Friday, 26 April 2013


कहाँ हो तुम 
ढूँढती हूँ तुम्हे मैं हर पल 
अभी कल की ही तो बात लगती है
जब हँसते  थे तुम मुझे देखकर
 खाली भरी आँखों में 
प्यार सा भरा था ,
एक सैलाब सा भरा था 
छोड़ कर जब गए थे,
छोटी  सी आँखों में आसूं भी दिखे थे मुझे 
हैरान सी हूँ क्या तुम वही हो 
भेजती  हूँ कई पैगाम 
पर खाली चिट्टी वापिस लौट आती है 
तेरे उस प्यार को इक झूठ बता जाती है 
अभी भी जब तुमने चाहा  था उस रोज़ 
तब तो बात की थी प्यार से ही
 फिर अचानक अगले ही दिन 
फिर वही ख़ामोशी सी थी 
एक छट पटाहट  एक बेचैनी 
जो थी तुझमे मेरे लिए 
लगता' है उसकी 
अब कोई और वजह है ,
मेरे ही पढाई गए पाठ 
,अब खुद मुझ पर ही भारी हैं  
काश तुम होते मेरे टीचर  
और मैं एक स्टूडेंट 
लगा  तो पाती 
कुछ और नया लॉजिक 
यह यादें ही बचीहैं अब 
न जाने बस कब तक 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

we were meant to be together: The music of silence

we were meant to be together: The music of silence: Traversing the tricky trails of telephone lines came down  the music in my ears : a voice, melodious, a voice, not mine, seemingly on ...

The music of silence

Traversing the tricky trails of telephone lines
came down 
the music in my ears
: a voice, melodious,
a voice, not mine,
seemingly on the other side,
 resonating from my soul.

It sang a song of love.
It sang a song of rain.
It trickled down my ears,
drenching me in 
pitter -patter of 
words seeping 
into my soul.

I sang with the sound,
the sound of music,
the sound of love,
the sound of rain,
the sound of us;
making love 
in the music 
of silence.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

An emptiness

It's that kind of night again..
It's raining outside
and I'm alone in this foreign land,
looking out through the high sky scrapers.

The misted windows peep
 through my misted
 hazy face,
showing me a crystal clear image ..it's hers
- a face from the past bangs on the present
  transported through the seven seas,
 a face  lights up my dark nights,
a face  smiles ,
a face that was mine ..

Yet , I think I  lost it years ago...
that face resembled the one I see. 
 It  doesn't smile..it doesn't lie,
it quizzes me about my
 erratic, unsure behavior...
It questions me..angrily
..it seems upset at my distant ways..
but it doesn't touch me..for I'm changed..
I rub my hands to grasp it,
just for the last time
 but it disappears as the rain cries...

All I can see now , are the city lights
 down below and 
an emptiness within...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

My dream

Drooling in the dreary, winter mornings
toying with a dream,
The quilt is my friend indeed,
I shine up with a smiling gleam.

Sought you in  my dream, I guess
made me smile during a test,
Cautious not to break the enchantment
as precious as a golden chest.

But alas! It had to wind up
It had to end the spell
I wishfully hopeful was
that the alarm did not bell.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The thread

The thread, 
invisible to all but me and you
thwarts my soul .
It pulls me to you, an unseen force
of natural desire, of love, of passion.
We, strangely like two magnetic poles, 
striving hard
to keep away from each other 
have to meet and become one unit,
one heart,
two bodies 
and one soul.
The thread, 
unknown ,unseen
as strong as a metallic wire,
as elastic as rubber,
takes us apart and brings us near again.
It may twist and turn,
it may take another form,yet
it is unbreakable like our love.