Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The thread

The thread, 
invisible to all but me and you
thwarts my soul .
It pulls me to you, an unseen force
of natural desire, of love, of passion.
We, strangely like two magnetic poles, 
striving hard
to keep away from each other 
have to meet and become one unit,
one heart,
two bodies 
and one soul.
The thread, 
unknown ,unseen
as strong as a metallic wire,
as elastic as rubber,
takes us apart and brings us near again.
It may twist and turn,
it may take another form,yet
it is unbreakable like our love.


  1. very well written mam. Lost the track of your poetry for last few months with now be more regular. Excellent piece again.

  2. i want to be like you mam...i love your poetry especially this ornamented this poem greatly