Monday, 31 December 2012

A shame

 A shame

Women: raped,murdered,illtreated
 in a country where half deities are feminine
but what to expect from a country which is sleeping to the rights of women!!

 A shame

The sham in people's eyes
still huddling to touch a piece of flesh that excites them

A shame

the many walkathons ,the drives, the hastily set up  hullabaloos
for an untoward incident that shouldn't have happened.

A shame

The women collected for the mass suicide
of humanity,some real men too ,but what ??
many despotic, slavish policemen, with their tongues wagging like dogs,
their lathis venomous serpents lashing out tear gas shells..

A shame

A shame

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fake Hypocrisy

You said you were different.
Yes, I felt that too. 
The smooth overflow 
of my life into yours
 without much ado,
 in a span of few 
hours of conversation.

Yet, you made me cry.
I felt cheated again.
The fact banging-
constant in my heart:
 I was a refuge ,
a shelter home,
a slut shop.

-I was baffled by a mirage
in a desert..
it was a sandy shore
 of fake promises
much like your curly hair 
that  were enough 
to confuse me 
and take me astray.

The difference lies buried
between the sands which say
I loved you truly
and your fake hypocrisy -
like many of my orgasms.


अब तो बस करो 
मेरे जाने बहार 
चढ़ने दो
 थोडा और

भर लो आज फिर 
सेअपनी बाँहों  में 
छेड़  दो 
उन मस्त निगाहों से 

ऐसा भी क्या रूठे हो 
अपनों से क्यों बेगाने हो 
मर कर इन अदाओं पर ही 
जी से उठेंगे हैं हम 

अब बस भी करो
 यूँ नफरत न करो
मिलाता है प्यार 
किस्मत से  
कहीं तो मिलो
 फिर रूबरू 
यही है मेरी 
एक जुस्तजू 

Sunday, 9 December 2012

A merchant of dreams

I met a merchant -
a merchant of dreams
he coaxed me into buying
recycled, not so mine dreams.
Being articulate,
a perfect salesman,
he outsmarted me.
I didn't want the dream he had,
I wanted a one of my own,
my whole sole right ,
I thought I had on him,
and the vibrant dreams
 he was selling.

The soul of
 my dreamland.

I thought I would buy the best one,
real love dashed with rainbow hues.
Yet after a two minute
rush of his sweet-intoxicated words,
I bought his dream
and made his my own.
Now each day I wish
that his dreams are
fulfilled and if you wonder
 what happened to mine-
they have rested in peace.

Monday, 3 December 2012


We crossed each other a million times
in a million times that we met
we met only once truly 
speaking words of silence
unspoken -
a conversation!

The eyes hatched out all excuses,
the lips quivered  to unleash dark secrets,
the hands far, distant 
cold, dare not even handshake.
The all new you
the all new me
stood quietened by the all new us -
a dead dismal stiffness-
this conversation.