Friday, 14 December 2012

Fake Hypocrisy

You said you were different.
Yes, I felt that too. 
The smooth overflow 
of my life into yours
 without much ado,
 in a span of few 
hours of conversation.

Yet, you made me cry.
I felt cheated again.
The fact banging-
constant in my heart:
 I was a refuge ,
a shelter home,
a slut shop.

-I was baffled by a mirage
in a desert..
it was a sandy shore
 of fake promises
much like your curly hair 
that  were enough 
to confuse me 
and take me astray.

The difference lies buried
between the sands which say
I loved you truly
and your fake hypocrisy -
like many of my orgasms.

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