Monday, 26 September 2011

The witness

Walking down the steet ,
I saw 'them' drooling in love ,
holding hands ,
speaking words of silence to each other ,
smelling the first fragrance of love ,
whispering in the hazy twilight
bathing in the summer rain ,
waiting eagerly for each other ,
smiling from a distance-
 heaving a sigh of relief ,
to see the drunken lost eyes
that were so much in love.

I now behold
'him' and 'her'
shrieking,yelling at each other :
the ugly side of love ,
no words can heal the wounds
they give to each other ,
both right,both wrong ,
none ready to admit ,though  ;
they get a sadistic
pleasure in hurting ,harming
what they had so well nurtured-
the house they called a home...


  1. what a poem and what a perfect end .......speechless !!

  2. great mam...the relationships these days are often divided into the two phases mentioned by you...!!
    this is just awesome..!!! :)

  3. i only hope this one is fiction too! Love as beautifully described in the first stanza can lead to the second a sad truth