Wednesday, 28 September 2011

For the memory of a moment

Carressing touch of a lost soul ,
to another of a kind ;
brought back the memories
of the sweet old times.

Tortured with the thoughts
of the past that was ;
I relive the memories:
The Tramway Car

It was there that I saw him ,
quite an introvert was he ,
face reading the earth ,
eyes searching for me.

I opened my life to him
chapter by chapter ,
unfolding the mysteries
but not on any paper.

He had the guts ,
he had the charm ,
he shared every dream through his eyes ,
and made me calm .

Even as I left the train ,
my eyes were on him ;
Oblivious to the light
I just loved the dim .

It was the dusk hour
and he followed me ;
Shyly glancing,smiling
towards me.

When I reached a corner
he suddenly disappeared .
I took a turn ,
and forward steered.

I looked around ,
but in vain .
He was nowhere
....I was in pain .

I consoled myself ,
my body trembling  ;
in despair dismal
my evening ended .

I still take that
5'O Clock train ;
to relive the memories
that are insanely sane .


  1. I just can't tired writing this...another brilliantly written poem...!!!
    esp. the last stanza reminds of the song by The Script "The Man who can't be Moved"..!!! :)

  2. oh this is the first on this blog that rhymes i the picture it paints...

  3. mam very well written....btw shed some light on the mystery mam

  4. this is purely fictional...hahaha...its gr888 that u actually thought ,I woud take a train for someone...:)

  5. that would actually be intriguing, to take the train for someone.. :P
    aptly put, "insanely sane" ! :)

  6. @smita mam : no mam, behind every fictional character, there is always a figment of a real inspiration :)