Friday, 11 November 2011

The Guilt

He blocked her out to loneliness .
He shunned her to abyssal nothingness .
He loved her ,he wanted her.
Why then the acknowledgement
of his love
seemed a sin to him??
Had he not noticed the
same feelings in her 

Was it the apple:
the fruit of knowledge..
the lost innocence
of Eve burdened 
with the original sin
Or it was the hope 
of transcendental love 
going to  the dungeons?

Now that Adam saw her
as a woman,
Now that he waited 
to love her the way
he had always wanted:
why then the guilt
of losing out on 
The Garden Of Eden?

He did'nt know  ,
He didn't realize ,
what he wanted 
was natural,
what he desired 
was destined.
Their names were to create
history ,the story
of first love
that gave rise 
to humanity.
Why then the guilt??
They were to create

what they had to create
in God's decree
as He sees everything but waits.


  1. Guilt yes it was
    Guilt because humanity lost its innocence
    Guilt because desires became insatiable
    Guilt because human mind got pregnant with jealousy
    Yes forbidden fruit opened eyes but at what price?
    The lost equilibrium at Eden… is it comparable with present day skyscrapers
    Built by the toil and toll resulting from human compulsion?
    Could human mind gift itself the peace that flowed freely in Eden?
    Who is to blame? God who transferred one of his attributes to the couple?
    The attribute that granted them the ability to make a choice.
    And what choice did they make? Who says they committed sin?
    They only disobeyed their creator; sin was the repercussion of that ignorance
    Observance of love without prudence leads to destruction,
    It loses its purity and weaves an opaque web of indifference towards responsibility
    Love is beautiful if it’s balanced and a curse if diluted
    If Eve serves her sentence so does Adam. Man preferred power over blessings and lost his soul in the process.
    Rest, they say is history.

  2. wow...what an analysis with a completely different perspective.