Saturday, 26 November 2011


The unquenchable thirst:is you.
The insatiable desire:is you.
The unbeatable feeling:is you.
The unmatched lover:is you.
The illogical logic:is you.
The repressed emotions:is you.
The untrained mindfulness:is you.
The beautiful carelessness:isyou.
The varied sameness:is you.
The partial completeness:is you.
The busy laziness:is you.
The loving anger:is you.
The tired freshness:is you.
The carefree bonding:is you.
The last beginning,
the first ending:is you and only you.


  1. veerrryy beautifull maamm..these linee manyy timess runss...moves in my heart n mind bt..u expressdd so beautifylly ,, very well organised maaner....