Saturday, 12 November 2011

His story so far

He loved many.

First, it was Glory
He loved her smooth hair,
the texure of her skin,
her frail petite frame.
But Glory wanted glory
as he had none,
She asked one day
"Do I even know you?"
and married a rich man.
He was hurt but moved on.

Then he saw her Golden One,
full of vibrance and colour,
her face shining like the
majestic,golden sun.
She drew him near
(she was fearless)
and hugged in public.
She demanded him
to leave smiling,
so he left .

Thereafter came the Saint
She was a wife material.
Her simplicity and poise
impressed all , they roamed
together,giving each other
whatever they could.
They planned
but failed as being a saint
she had to give in to
family objections.
He was left again
only to be consoled as always
by  Ever Smiling.

This girl was more like
him so they gelled together.
She made him understand the
meaning of true love:
that doesn't ask,doesn't demand .
He was free for the first time of
any burdens ,any expectations
from people ,from life.

But there came Fragrance
who never undrestood
the deeper meaning of love.
She wanted to own him
like a possession.
She demanded that he makes a choice.
She was selfish and brutal.
She tore off his wings of life,
his innocence melted in
her arms .He had no choice
but to choose her for he knew
that Ever Smiling would keep on
loving him no matter what he does.

He vanished and since then
Ever Smiling has become
Never Smiling.
People look at her through the
eyes of Fragrance
who knows the charm to
manipulate them.
At times when they do see each other,
he looks strangely in her eyes
but can't see her smile
as now she can't
live a lie.
She has realized finally
he  faked to love many but he really
loved noone but himself.

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