Thursday, 17 November 2011

They lost each other!!

They met as  schoolmates,
with their lil'faces lighting up
to see the cheerful jocundity
of their class jokers.

They walked different roads
but  met once more at the crossroad of life.
Once friends,competitors
they were now labelled as lovers.

They stayed stuck in the bliss
of love like a still ,paused movie.
Time passed,and the altercations began;
sometimes it was his whimsical moves
and yet again it was her expectations.

She rejoiced in his love,
rebelled against his authority.
He loved her grace
and despised her insecurities.

Both were free
both wilful.
They started losing out
on something beautiful.

They finally decided the finality of their love
The decison to be just what they were.
He moved on to a lonely path of life.
And she decided to be else's wife.

Sad it was:their
painful  love story.
that the lovers tormented
like some warheroes gory
who die in the field
with no  love of their life.
Alas! the lovers just faced strife.

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