Friday, 8 June 2012

A prayer for my son

I want you not to be a rich man with a big, expensive, flashy car.
I want you not to be a Casanova , stealing the hearts of innocent girls and bring tears in their eyes.
I want you not to sit idle and still love your leisure time and use it correctly.
I want you not to judge people and comment on their decisions,whether right or wrong.
I want you not to look and appreciate man-made architectural pieces and ignore God's creation.
I want you not to be rude and nasty to people who even mean  nothing to you.

I want you to build a great character than do a whamming gym-session to muscle you up.
I want you to be loved for your smile rather than your lovely visage.
I want you to be true to yourself and answer the questions asked by your conscience honestly .
I want you to be respected and valued for the warmth and love that you do possess.
I want all the world for you my little son,
But more than that I want you to understand who and what means the world to you.

This is a prayer for you ,my son on your third birthday,
You are too little to understand it right now,but one day hopefully you will.

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