Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful

She was lovely ,
plain beautiful .
Her smile could
melt a million hearts.
 Hid behind her
coy ,timid ,elusive
persona  ,her
real self.
She spoke her mind
when she intended to .
She didn't bother
much about
other's opinion .
She did what
 she thought was right .
She wasn't wary of
the painful repercussions .
She took a lesson from the
  irresistible problems.
She was what she was.

She was the bold
and the beautiful .


  1. and more over she was our beloved English teacher :)

  2. it reminds me of girls who are mistaken of being bad in this society !!

  3. oh i adore this one ! its like reading about the fictional character Geet from the movie jab we met, i totally adore her :D
    main apni favourite hun !! :D