Saturday, 13 June 2015

My clash with a new genre..

My son was after my life,
to write a poem for him.
When I asked him the subject
It created a rife.

He gave me a laptop,
He gave a bey blade
He gave me a topic
of nothing which I made.

He planned I write of 'clash of clans'
But it screwed my empty head.
It went all down in the drain,
And made me half dead.

I never knew that it was a game, 
I thought it was a stance . 
This clash of clans was a stupid thing, 
And I was taking a chance. 

I  felt like an angry bird,
with my bits and pieces swirling around.
But,it was the charmander on the T.V. , 
who was making the nasty sound. 

I fought like the ashen Ash 
With the pokemon,
By this time my patience, 
had fused my brain gone. 

A sudden stark realization
occured, then, to me.
It is only this generation
Who can be gadget friendly!!!

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