Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Papa ,I Love You

Papa,I love you!!

Papa,You have always kindled
my life with enthusiastic vigour of fiery energy,
The will to win,
the aim distant yet appraochable,
the life of a struggler striving for perfection.

Honest thought and perseverance
have always been by your side.
Lofty high flown ideas flee at your sight.

Pragmatic idealism of true love
is what you've made me understand.
The respect for each human,
the respect for each hand.

Humble yet self -esteemed you've always been.
To know thyself always keen.

Not like the other gold-diggers who are planned makers,
you have always been my one and  only inspiration.

The blunt reality of your words
will never be lost to me .
I wish you live forever
to love your lil' baby .

Papa,I love you!!

P.S:This poem was written just a few days before I lost papa forever.