Thursday, 8 December 2011

Nature of love

Oceanic waters of deep affection,
Waves of soulful,heart-filled laughter,
Splashing mists of tearful gladness
Surround me when I'm perceiving
the nature of your love.

Adoring eyes of the pitter-patter raindrops ,
her soft fingers on my face,
remind me of your touch ;
and heavenly feeling drapes me like wilful clouds
and touches the horizons of my body and soul.

I shine as a multi-hued rainbow.
I glow as the morning sunrise .
I 'm drenched like the fields waiting for the rains.
It is now that I  comprehend the nature of your love-
The timelessness and permanance.


  1. Simply awesome......I am feeling soooooooo fresh after reading this :)

  2. thx vaibhav ..inspired by the song of the rain by kahlil read n see how fresh u feel..the rain splashing on your face..