Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Beyond the world's end

Your soft hands cup my face
and you look into my eyes,
searching ,reaching the farthest crevices of my soul.
Oh yes!They tell you what you wanted to know
- they tell you I'm yours.

You move a strand of my hair
falling over ,covering
 my love-drunken droopy eyes.
Oh yes!They tell you a fairy tale
of a Rapunzel in me waiting for her lover.

You smell my neck,my face,my body
seeping in my untouched fragrance
like a loving child close to a mother's bosom .
Oh yes!It tells you what you feel for me
-a purely magical feeling called love.

I let you cup,move and smell.
I let you love me once again.
Oh yes!I know we'll always meet
beyond the world's end ;
till our souls merge at 
the dawn of a new eternity. 

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