Thursday, 1 December 2011

Monologue of an AIDS patient


Footsteps treading fast,
faster than never before,
from one door to other door.

Don't ask what is all this?
'Coz I'm noone to tell.
Nor here to scream and yell.
But to enjoy the moments of life..
Gave up I ,the whole strife.
The whole challenge 
thats put before us,
to restrict ourselves,
to follow the morals.

I thought I 'd be happy,
laurelled with flowers.
but what did I find instead-
a crown of thorns
rested on my whimsical head.
I wasn't given the little I asked for ,
the little I claimed.
I was pushed into corners,
scorched alive with hateful looks .

I may live today ,
die tomorrow .
Who knows about 
my next 'morrow.

I just lie here on a hospital bed,
trying to thread
my life
moment by moment:
gaiety to torment.
 For then, I just wonder..
Whose footsteps did I follow and reached this Hell??

I get no answer .
I never will.

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