Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Heaven and Earth

The dark, clouded sky 
wearing a black, tight robe,
fitting the bosom of Earth,
holding her soft breasts,whirling
past her face, swishing kisses ,
caressing touches onto
 her hot, ill-tempered forehead.
She resists , beats the manly chest
 with a lash ful anger.
She finally gives in 
to his unruly demands
 dancing to the sensual music all around.

There above, the night moon,
drenched in the drunken frenzy,
looks down with jealous ,
frozen, lunatic stares.
He tries hard to peep through
 the dark sky window, 
moving away the
 translucent curtains of the 
the soft,used clouds
like a voyeuristic
witness to the 
lovemaking of Heaven and Earth.

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