Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Shades of grey

There are people who love .
There are people who have loved.
There are people who will love in future.
If I analyse what I am or what you are
This is my conclusion.

I am like the spring river
Who doesn’t want to live without love.
which flows out of nowhere,
trying to meet its destination.
The nearer I go to the
destination the more distant it seems.
Emotions always misinterpreted
-some see me as the straying  fish
Some see me as the pebble underneath
so humble ,forever humiliated
by the water brushing past me.
Some look at me like the
ray of sunlight dancing on the stream.

You , on the contrary
are as mystical and mysterious as life itself.
You are the muse that I was looking for.
You are the temporary permanence that
resides in my heart.
You are the long story
With a no  ending.
You are like the shy
Touch me not who withdraws
into himself if touched ,
yet longs to be caressed by  real love.
You are judgemental
And callous, yet sensitive and emotional.

This is my analysis.
I may be wrong but surely
I ‘m not black and you are not white
You’ll have to accept the fact
that  we all are shades of grey
and there’s nothing wrong in it.

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