Monday, 5 March 2012

The choice is yours!!

You  say you don't
understand me enough.
You say you don't
comprehend my feelings.
You say you don't
find us similar.
You say you don't
feel what I feel.
You say you don't
believe in love at first sight.
You say you don't
love me.

Let me tell you ,my love...
my understanding
of love is strangely different.
It is a small smile I
can bring to your face.
It is a fraction of
laughter that I see in your eyes.
It is an undefined feeling
where I just want to give love
without any apprehensions,
without any expectations:
that's the pure,pristine colour
of my heartfelt ,vibrant,
unconditional love.

So..choose you may
 my love
 to love
or not to love..
you will always be loved

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